Saturday, February 22, 2014

On February 22nd at 8.30 pm, for one night only, Stephen King's great masterpiece "The Shining" will come back to life during a gala dinner in the beautiful setting of the BAUER Ballroom  in Venice. To celebrate this year's Carnival, the BAUER will transform itself into the “OVERLOOK HOTEL”. Guests  are invited to play an active role as protagonists and reenact some of the most famous sequences of the movie. 

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The evening will unfold  in four acts: 

  1. Introduction of the characters of  the scenes they will participate in the Hotel lobby;

  2. Cocktail in the ‘Red Bar’, then following the actors along the staircase and to the first floor hallways for the first shining performance;

  3. Gala dinner in the Ballroom, signature buffet by our Executive Chef Hiraki Masakazu, where all the actors will play scenes  from the movie will take place;

  4. All night dancing with dj set at the BBar Club.

The former director of the Istituto della commedia dell’arte internazionale , Maestro Gianni De Luigi, will play the active role of curator, director and videographer.